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What kinda music do you listen to and does it reflect to your personality.

I listen to alot of hardcore and punk and some mellow stuff as well.I don't think that it defines who i am though.I'm not a punk with a Mohawk or covered in tattoos like alot of people in to hardcore but deep inside me i want to be that type of person.I just don't think i could handle the attention that id get by having crazy hair and a bunch of tattoo's.


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I'm a huge fan of Judas Priest. I love the upbeat Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin puts me in a great mood. (the band in my signature is Judas their Unleashed In The East album :) )

I also listen to Gwar...I'm not really in to blood and gore but I just freakin love them...and I'm in love with Slymenstra (yes I know nobody knows who she is) They're songs are just fun.

I also like a few mellow songs but I'm mostly a metal guy.

I'm rebelling against the quiet guy that everyone knows...I want to live after midnight and rock till the dawn. Keep the metal faith :lol: