Mini Messenger's


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Whenever I receive these, and then respond people tend to disappear into thin air! What am I doing wrong!?

Anyway, just to let everyone know, I do respond to messages (I never ignore people) and if I can't stay and chat for whatever reason, I'll also let you know.....


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the same happens with me

I think this is the way it works

you write a message and after you click send it disappear and appear to the one receiving the message then he writes a reply to you and after he click send it disappear there and appear to you and so on :lol:

you can try that by sending a message to your self LOL :lol:


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I sent you like a 100 messages (guess what they are 8) ) i am just kidding.

Well, it works properly with me (i am sensitive, otherwise i can't stand :p )

Do you just respond, try to harras them like i do :p


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The service isn't exactly what you would call precise - mine works fine with some people but with others, much to my dismay it does not - the messages get delayed sometimes for days ???? Don't know what's up with that.


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lol yeah its weird... sometimes i get like an istant reply.. and sometimes i recieve one like 3 days later and i wont have a clue what there on about lol