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I've just been reading some interesting information about meditation and i thought i would pass it on. There have been numerous studies showing the positive effect meditation has on health - especially mental health. To cut a long story short, apparantly there is a section in the brain about the size of an almond (or some sort of nut) called the amygdala which is the section in the brain responsible for controlling fear. The amygdala is connected to the frontal lobes of the brain - which are used for a varity of functions-including reasoning. When you meditate it allows information to pass from the amygdala to the frontal lobes and vice versa. This means that with enough practice meditation enables you to diffuse the fear signals produced by your amugdala by allowing your frontal lobes to rationalise your fear. It is very complicated, so i won't go into it fully, but just do a simple search on yahoo using MEDITATION BENEFITS and AMYGDALA and see what you come up with. Meditation is a phenomenon that Western science cannot explain, but I have heard so many people have used it effectively to cure all kinds of conditions - especially psychosis. Please do not overlook meditation, it has been used for thousands of years in the east and it is said to be the only true way to gain inner peace. Be disciplined, try it every day for a year and see what happens.


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Thank you! Meditation is great, and it can also be very relaxing, although I've never tried that as a cure as such. I like all the scientific reasons behind this (maybe it's just me!), but thanks for sharing. I won't overlook the power of meditation!
Hiya totally agree with you

The mind is very powerful and is the source of how we feel, how we project ourselves etc etc, if you can control your mind, you have conquered your problems. Meditation is about that, controlling your mind, basically you lie or sit somewhere comfortable and quiet and concentrate on a phrase of your choice, choose something that is relevant to your life, then close your eyes and repeat this phrase over and over again, your mind WILL drift to other thoughts, but as soon as you realise this, go back to thinking of your phrase. You will become very relaxed, your mind will no longer be thinking of troubled thoughts and feelings, YOU are now in control. When you are at this point, it is called being grounded, which simply means, you are not alive in the past, you are not alive in the future, you are only truly alive right now at this moment, meditating, so leave your backage from the past behind and enjoy this moment of freedom. With practice you will be able to go into the state of meditation, walking down the street, before an interview, and being able to do this helps to take away any anxieties that you have, relaxes your mind and body and really does make you feel so much better. I've being doing yoga for just six months and I remember how great I felt just after the first time, I nearly cried because I felt so happy within myself.

So why not give it a try for at least six months, what have you got to lose?

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I reckon there is definitly something about meditation...(I must start to do more of it soon!) :)

I've had it recommended in similar ways to those described above too. Helps calm the mind and keep you centered....

Research has been done recently with Buddist monks during meditation and their brain function is substantially different to that of 'normal' people. Even when a very loud noise was made nearby whilst they were meditating, their brain waves did not register any of the expected 'startle' reaction.....perhaps meditation is worth a go for SP!?

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I would definetley recommend meditation to anyone who is considering trying it. If you're serious about it theres even classes at centres which would also help with the social confidence of meeting others who want to practice it aswell as using it as a relaxation technique.

The brief reason in Buddhism for meditation is to calm and clear/purify your mind to allow it to remain calm and clear to gain ultimate contentment and happiness. I hope Ive quoted that correctly if anyone knows more about buddhism than my introductory knowledge.

Its definetley worth a try and very beneficial whatever your motivations.