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Hi McShy, How do you feel today? Sorry you were having a shit one last night xx :)


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oh :( thats crappy then. sorry to hear ur still feeling shit. Wear ur diaper tho, just incase


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Dig this Daddio:

McShy my Scottish Canadian friend
got my McShy included. on ours. is eyes, of a sudden dreams
come true.

Come with me drink my awful wine. the truth beyond, we all must
yearn for little spots, that itch and burn. And as they looked up, the star was winking out, one at a time...a tub of goopy, smelly
Calomine is what i yearn for what, you ask ? BECAUSE ITS there !!! and
anatomically-correct. a firefly i poured upon it caramel, but decided on praline.

So are you done poking the shit out of that shit man :p

How do you like your weird beatnik poem ?


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Is it that you have the birthday blues? Noticed a quick mention there on the SP lyrics thread. Happy belated...We need a birthday cake emoticon with LOTS of candles hehe... I know i'm evil.

Happy birthday to you and many more.


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a few months eh?? hmmm the truth is out there and we are getting closer to it! Im guessing March??