Looking for women who were bullied in highschool

I am a doctoral student at Capella University’s School of Social of Behavioral Sciences. and I am currently recruiting participants for my research study. As the researcher I want to evaluate if parenting and attachment help promote resiliency in adult women who were bullied in high school.
If you are:
• A woman over the age of 25.
• That was bullied in high school, for at least a year.
• And lived with at least one biological parent during that time.

You may be eligible to participate in my study.
The study will consist of an online survey that will should take no longer than an hour to complete. The survey will ask questions relating to parenting, resiliency, and attachment.
To see if you are eligible for the study click the link below:
You will then be directed to an online site to see if you are eligible to participate in the research study.
You can also feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.
I can't do your survey because I was bullied in primary/elementary school.

Just for the record, I had a good quality and very close bond with my mother all through the years of bullying (and still do) however that had no benefit whatsoever for helping me to be "resilient" as an adult woman. :)