long time no see

hi everybody, well just to let you know some thinghs I consider can be useful or hopefully helpful for u fellows. Ok I´m a blusher too i´ve blushed for 11 years so far, I´d say 12 but what i´ve noticed this year is that my blushing has decreased let´s say at least 70 or 80 %, I didn´t know i suffered from a mild (if I can call it that ) social phobia and anxiety as well, until I satrted to google what had become a habit: blushing everyday, feeling inferior cause it affected my self-esteem as years passed by, experiencing that sort of fear,deap fear whenever I had to attend social events,sweating, heat, heart raising etc...well you all know what it is like.. so. Let´s stick to the point, 6 months ago i started listening to subliminal audios to overcome anxiety and increase self-esteem .I have to say at the beginning the first 2 months it didn´t have any effect on me, then I complemented it with hipnosis mp3s and still it didn´t work at all. I´d still blush on a daily basis, however I persevered, I read that u need to face the situation or fear you are trying to beat when listening to subliminals,, so I did it.... I accepted a job as teacher
(language teacher) I had to take a training course and make presentations every day, so...honestly it was hell, by the 5th day i was about to quit..still i kept going .surprisingly the blushing thing started to go down to kinda vanish,,sounds like a fairytale but I´m here telling u the truth. The thing is that I got the job I only work 3 or 4 hours a day,, and yes is difficult ,very f**ng difficult to stand up in public and teach everyday, every single day i just want to step down, though the more i do it the less I blush , I still blush I still feel the heat going up my back, neck, and the shame or trapped feeling. but less much ,much less than before. So this is what I do everyday:

1- Before i go to bed I listen to the subliminal audio for 1 hour at least, you can read, study,draw or even write while listenin to it. Don´t force your earing the volume shouldn´t be too loud.

2- After the subliminal i do the hipnosis, it´s just a free audio I downloaded from the net, even the subliminal was a free one frome the net. (they´re in Spanish, don´t know if there are free audios in English sorry :confused:) but u may find out ;)

3- I take vitamins (B complex) three times a week in the morning before breakfast, I heard it helps you relax and so far it´s been working

4- O ne of the hardest thinghs ever.. I don´t drink any alcohol or coffe anymore.

5- I go jogging on weekends , I may sign up for a boxing school soon.. I was never good at fighting actually I was bullied in secondary school not badly bullied but I guess taking up boxing is gonna help me beat that bad memory and make me feel more confident.

Anyway honestly hope this post can help , I don´t really know how long i´ll b able to b a teacher, or if i´ll have the guts to achieve my 1 year-time teaching experience thing as I call it and defeat my fear of people once and for all.....but I asure you when it comes to blushing less, following the routine above, so far so good.