just laugh at me!

i am a different SAD patient, iam a crazy extrovert everywhere but i turn into a severely disabling SAD patient when dealing or being under the attention of girls, to the extent that i cant control my head twitches during an eye contact with a girl. look what happened to me two ago in the college when i was just standing alone against the wall, a pretty girl quite popular in our college came smiling towards me, what then, it was going to reveal my reality, what could the poor lamb do!, i was absolutely sure she was coming towards me, so i first started thinking of running away as if i didnt recognize her but i couldnt move an inch, so i smiled a bit, it relieved me a bit, when she said hello, i tried to say hello and the voice came out so shaky and slow as if i had never talked for years, and the earthquakes in every organ followed, the problem is i dont get panic attacks for i can fake it as asthama attack, first my lips shaked, then hands and legs alongwith my head, my mind got blank, i thought everyone was watching me, she got so very frightened as if it was her fault, i was still trying to find an excuse to what is going on, but i eventually ran away and was terribly embarrased later on. this incident led me to open my account in this website rather i should thank websites like these which are the last resorts for people like me. i didnt attend college since then out of embarrasment. i hate myself even more now, shit on me, my thinking, and my brain.


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i cant laugh at this

everyone has had one of those days where they have done something that they perceive as foolish

then again i did kill my sense of humour but i can tell you from a bystander point of view i would just be thinking "what is going on", look, then walk away and not really give a second thought to it