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If everyone on this forum has anxiety, wouldn't we be the best bet on finding a solution? I mean, if we all put in our own, personal thoughts about why we have this problem and how to remedy it, isn't it possible that we could find a solution? I have a few theories about it myself. So, anyone interested? Maybe we could start a thread where everyone that wants to put in will say what's bothering them, why they think it's bothering them, and what they think would help. If anyone's interested at all, just say the word, and we can start. Or ignore it. That's fine too. :)


well let's see...

What bothers me? The fact that I just can't feel relaxed and comfortable being me.

Why can't I feel comfortable? Because I get too self conscious or my anxiety won't go away.

What could be a possible solution? Currently I am taking specific vitamins to see if it helps. If not I think counseling may help. Or prescription drugs. (something I hope I don't have to take!)


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That is kind of a good idea

But I really do not know how we could solve our problems ourselves. I do think that our problem is probably do to some kind of chemical imbalance in our brains. From having read a few people's personal stories, I get the impression that some people are almost born with sp or severe shyness, while others develop it between 10-20 years of age.

I wonder if we can really control our minds to the point of reprogramming it with time. If we tought our mind to release stress hormones into our bodies, could we teach it to stop? If so, why do some people seem to have been born with sp?

I started taking Paxil to see if this could help me. Before taking Paxil I tried exercise, counseling, and a healthy diet, but nothing seemed to work. Sometimes, I just think that theres is something physically wrong inside my brain that keeps me from feeling relaxed. Though, I used to not be like this. Before I was 19 years of age I used to hate being on my own and always yearned to be around others. Now I panic with the idea of being in a group of people.


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We start our quest for cures.

:wink: I am just writing again to reiterate your suggestion. Can everyone out there let us know what has worked or helped alleviate their sp? I am interested in anything from medications, types of counseling, books, and life changes. Please do not include illegal drugs or anything else that's illegal.



Does Paxil help you? And how long have you taken it?

To me it seems as though SA is learned overtime. But I am not going to say that someone can't be born with it. I have always been shy. But never experienced SA until I turned 20 and eventually my SA has gotten worse.

I do believe that reprogramming the mind will help. I talked to a relative who had SA (I dont know if he's completely cured but doing much better) He says it's all in the way you think. I did read that you should try to take the focus off yourself so I am trying that but it's hard. But I do notice that when I have a lot on my mind I do feel more at ease.

And then I also believe that chemical imbalance can be the source too. But anyone who has SA surely can't have a whole lot of self esteem. So maybe a low self esteem can bring on SA? Or maybe they just go hand in hand. I don't know.

For some reason it just seems like it would help me more having someone like a counselor talk to me directly than trying to read tips for self help. I don't know why but it's like you know the steps but it's hard I guess when your doing it alone.

But I know that what works for one person may not work for the next.