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okie, lets get ppl's (and mine) spirits ups! Basically I have posted, so someone has to say somthing nice about me, dont hold plz dont! then after their post somone has to post somthing nice about the previous person! EG- say YOUNG says nice things about me (unlikely), the next post has to be nice things about YOUNG! and so on. I hope somones nice about me now i've written this :(


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Well McShy is a fabulous playwrite 8) and is hilarious and charming and lovely and caring....... ok ok.

I'm going to say something nice about you too bex - how could i resist!!
You are beautiful on so many levels - always so lovely with everyone here.


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quirky and i can see your smile in your posts Mykul :D

also heartbroken at the moment :(

but then you'll be back to yourself.


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chilling echo is very chillin! chillin like a villian.. chillin like a cold winters day in alaska.. chillin like... I'm sure you get the point.


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Great post Bexis - really good idea! Like yetisbabe, I don't think I know most of the posters here well enough - but would love to have joined in with this.