Jealousy in relationship-- help!


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This may be a little off topic, but I don't have any friends to really talk this over with. I am just wondering if I am being overly jealous / insecure or if other people would be a bit upset about this situation...

My BF (of about 4 months) still talks with his ex-gf. They were together about 5 yrs. She apparently left him a couple times for random internet guys. They were on a phone plan together but just recently took herself off the account. But after the phone call I heard him say, "Talk to you soon." I don't know the extent of their talks. I don't know whether they talk more online or on the phone when I am not around. He 'likes' her crap on her facebook. And is unnecessarily nice to her.

But this bothers me. I am sick of guys being nice to girls that just use them. Who is to say that once the relationship ends with this girl and her current BF that she won't try and weasel her way back to him again? I'd never leave him for some random internet guy. So why still be nice to her?

Would you be okay if your BF still talked to his ex? Or am I just being overly jealous here? I gave up talking to one of my long term exes- mainly because I just did not miss him anymore since I've been with my new bf. I just did not have the need to talk him. Now, because he still talks with his gf ex, I decided to text my ex back. Perhaps it's a stupid idea. But, if he is still talking with his ex why shouldn't I? And should I make it obvious that I still speak with my ex. I am starting to think maybe I should - to see how he'd like it.

Does he still have feelings for her? Or is he just one of those "too nice of a guy" types? Should I be okay with this? Upset? Should I talk to him about it? How does a social phob talk about this? I am just tired of BFs being nice to girls (or ex gfs) that just seem to use them. When I am sincere and devoted to them. WDYT?

Lorraine Manca

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now that sucks! i used to get pissed as hell at my friend cause he kept dating this girl who was obviously using him, he admitted it himself. she totally used him to build up her ego, by manipulating him into "proving" his love. really immature stuff. he would abruptly stop hanging out with me when ever she was back in the picture. was never in love with him but i loved him a hell of a lot more than she did, so it was frustrating and really hurt that hed ditch me for a pretty dimwit like her. its not at all the same as your situation, but i really understand what you mean about you being sincere. i dont know what you should do, but that kind of thing sucks.