Ive Won The Battle!


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Not trying to brag or anything, and i really am afraid itll be percieved that way, well i dont care... When i used to surf this site in my worst days of SA, i always hoped one day some recoverer would post a thread, saying there is a way to get over this thing. And ive been in the forums for around 2 years , reading mostly and i rarely ever saw what i expected, which made me think, "well i guess theres no way out" . Well that wasnt the right answer, now i know, its probably cos once people get over this thing, they never ever wanna go back to anything that would remind em of their old life, old self.

So hmmmm, im just want to say to all of you that THERE IS A WAY OUT OF THIS!!! , really there is. For me it was pills+ Cognitive Behavioral Theraphy, and i didnt even go to a phychologist, i did it with a tape series i downloaded from the net. And after 4 years of doing NOTHING, right now (for like 6 months) i am actually back to life, i am back to my school, i have friends, actually today we had an exam (yeah we have exams on Saturdays, sucks :/), and in 20 mins ill get my friends, and we ll go hang. I cant believe how stupid i was, torturing myself for all those years over nothing, NOTHING at all. I got and had lots and lots of things to wirte to you all but now none of em comes to mind. All im gonna say is GO OUT AND TRY, IT WONT KILL YOU! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?! DIGNITY?! PRIDE?! OH COME ON!!! YOU REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE! WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?! NOTHING COULD BE WORSE THAN THE FEAR ITSELF!

Really most of the situations in life isnt scary, weve just intrepereted them that way for a long period of time, you really have NOTHING to fear.

Well going out just like that might not be the best thing to do if youre stuck for a loooooong time leaing into millions of vicious negative thought cycles. Just start the cognitive behavioral theraphy (there are therapists who give it, and you might find the tape series i used on the torrent sites), it takes a long time, the whole theraphy lasts like 5 months, but it helped me a HUGE deal.


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Good for you! That's great you've got your life back. I don't think anyone here will perceive this as bragging - it really lifts my spirits when I read a post like this - honestly.
I'm interested in which tapes also.