its all evoliution


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On some forums i found interesting read that social anxiety or problems like blushing should be blamed on evoliution.Now if someone is into science this would explain alot knowing that it took thousands of years for humans to evolve,and its been only around few 100years that people changed the most,in others terms speaking in our society you dont need to fear of everyone or fight for survival,like humans needed to do that 1000years ago.So i think it gonna take another few thousand years for evoliution to chase us up,anyway i hope someone will understand my idea :)

Lorraine Manca

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oh! that's a cheerful thought! Evolution just isnt finished weeding us out yet!

yeah, you mean staying skiddish and scarce would actually be an effective survival mechanism in the face of predators, like rabbits do. They're everywhere. The only trouble with that theory is that people dont have many natural predators in the first place even back in ye olden days. I guess people must taste pretty bad.


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I wrote a paper on this stuff in college. Social phobia seems like it would have been eliminated by evolution.

You might find this article interesting: Evolution and social anxiety. The role of attracti...[Psychiatr Clin North Am. 2001] - PubMed Result

I used it as a resource when I wrote my paper. Social phobia is basically just a natural outgrowth of our in born fear of new people. It is evolutionarily good to fear people we dont know because they might present a danger to us. Just look at wars and all that stuff.

Social phobia just takes this fear to levels where it becomes counter productive.