is there anyway to stop them?


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i have panick/anxiety attacks quite reguarly...sometimes up to 3 times a week, but at the moemnt it has calmed down and ive havent had one in the last two weeks (wooooooooo!! )
but the ones i have tend to be at school. i begin feeling fidgety, looking around me constantly. after about 5 mins i struggle to breathe and will just have to get out of where ever. i find myself some corner (it has to be a corner where i feel safer) and i cry/ scream depending on the intesity of it. if anyone touhces me i scream at them. in the worst attacks i lose any recognition of where i am and who people are. i do not recongise anyone. a few times i have hit out at mates who have been around me. All i feel is amazingly alone, scared..and the pain. there is so much pain.
but its not know you can just tell?

often i cant remember much of the attack after ive had one so its only from talking to friends that ive got a detailed account of my actions. i can always remember how ive felt though.

my form tutor gave me some advice on breathing to try and calm myself down when i can feel one coming on, but now i find this almost speeds them up as it brings back the memories of the previous attacks
im just desperate for some kind of advice, as they are interrupting my lessons, and school life in general. Also my habit of hitting anyone that touhces me worries me alot, what if i hit a teacher? or a small child...


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It's almost a month since you posted this Fred. I have chills and changes of temperature from time to time when i try to sleep. I also suffer from sporadic vertigo and my whole body start to shake sometimes when i watch tv or im calm. i dont know too much about panic attacks except that there are medication for this ( i wont talk about meds now ).

I wish we could talk sittin in a rocking chair while in some house in Mexico or England. wichever country. The point is, you'r invited to come with me to Mexico anytime. I feel like i dont find people of your looks and emotions in here, i would like to talk about psychiatric topics with you. i might be 8 years older than you but i could definetely sit on that rockin chair having ( yes, just one rocking chair for the both os us ) and stare at you saying non sense about the stars all night long


P.S. I wouldnt worry about me. we, the melancholical kind are always safe.


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ive never smoked and i dont intend to.

hehe thanks limbo2.
maybe someday ill take you up on the offer. mexico sounds pretty cool.
at the moment in just gonig to psych myself up to go to a medic.


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There are some good publications which may help. I think that the best ones are short so that they don't give you too much info.

Control of breathing is very important. When a panic attack starts we tend to breathe too heavily. The effect that this has is that we actually get less oxygen in our blood stream. This sound odd but its true. The reason is that our red blood cells lose their "stickiness" at this time (in heavy breathing) and so oxygen does not attach itself to the cells.

The answer is to breath more slowly - even try holding your breath for periods of time. This way you get more oxygen, remain more in control and the panic attack is less severe.


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thanks for the advice, but that is similar to what my teacher told me but as i mentioned..i find this brings the attack on more, because it brings back memories of previous attacks and so heightens the fear.


the first time i had one i had to dial 999 but ive learned that crying makes them worse. ive seen an expert and she explained to me that crying makes breathing harder and causes the numbness which is wht i would get in he fingers and face. it also causes the chest pains so when you have one, leave the room and take deep breaths and youll be fine, itll go


I suffered debilitating panic disorder for years. I had panic attacks on a regular basis that paralyzed me. All of the standard techniques, such as breathing, meditation, resting, etc., work to some degree but are not foolproof. You may need to use a number of them in conjunction with each other. I did find that nutrition, including using the amino acid GABA was very helpful. Also, some of Joe Barry's techniques.

Good luck!