Is it normal/ok?

So I am finally going to ask the question, is it a normal thing or an okay thing, that I want or enjoy being spanked and dominated by women? I have mentioned to a few girlffriends I've had and for the most part I'm either dismissed or am not taken very seriously. I don't know I guess I find it an embarrassing thing to talk about and almost devastating when I'm rejected after I do explain. I don't is this a normal/ okay thing to desire?


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it's probably a psychological thing. Has this been done to you as a child by a woman?
Actually yes. As a child it was difficult to get any attention from my mom being a single parent made it hard for her to work and juggle time for me and my 3 siblings. I am the oldest of us. So I guess I learned that to get attention I had to screw up and get in trouble, then she would spank me. So I guess I now associate love with the act of the spanking itself. I don't I don't want to be embarrassed by this sort of thing but it is not something I feel people will accept without a judgement being made as well. And yes I've heard of bdsm. I've done some extensive research on I guess this general topic but bdsm I kind of lump together with the whole taboo of sex and what not. In all honesty the spanking for me isn't necessarily a sexual it has obvious sexual implications but that's not the primary focus for me. I don't know I just want to iron this out mentally for my own sanity. Possibly someday meet the right woman and try this. Lol I'm so freaking weird omg