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drionic machine works!

I have been using the drionic machine for a couple months now and I am pretty satisified-my hands have never felt so dry before-i hope you go and buy it because if you were like me, I was ready to give up and was becoming depressed about the situation. I tried evrything before this-pills (that made me feel crazy!) and every over the counter cream,spray, etc. My armpits and feet get real sweaty too but I pretty much ignore my feet and use MAXIM for my armpits which is great. I don't really have the patience to use the drionic for my feet right now becasue i am just starting to get used to my hands. It took me about 12 treatments to reach total drieness( 30 min. in the morning). It lasted about 2 weeks and then some sweating came back. I try to do 2 treatments a week to maintain drieness. the middle of my hand is the hardest as well as my thumb area. I move my hand back on the pad to achieve drieness half the time and thsi works. you just have to play around with it for awhile! I am just so happy something works-even though it is uncomfortable and a pain in the ass! Do NOT take pills for hyperhidrosis-its not worth it-it can damage your organs-especially your liver-I was close to getting the surgery done and backed out becasue of all the horrorstories I read on the net-the thought of someone cutting my nervemakes me freaked out as well. Has anyone heard of the new treatment they have across the world? s it is some substance they inject into you and it cures hyperhidrosis forever-whatever, I read it once and now I can't find where I read it-sounded too good to be true though-lets keep hoping for a cure!!! But until then, try the drionic-it works and is not too expensive!


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hiya thank you for ur replys it certainly sounds good!lol i better start saving!i suffer from it all over pinker so hopefully it will help clear that up 2 esp face!!no peaches i havent heard about the injection but it sounds fab!wouldnt that be wonderful!!!!!lol i bet when it does come out it will be very expensive though :cry:
well im def gona save up 4 it!i cant w8 to use it!!!lol
Pinker, I am still playing around with it but I try to two maintian a treatment twice a week to keep dry. I didnt do any treatments for about 3 weeks becasue I was lazy, and I noticed the sweat came back full force and I had to start all over again. So my best advice is not to be lazy and try to do a couple a treatments a week. the middle part between my thumb and index finger is the worst to maintain! It is the hardest spot for me to keep dry. oh well, at least I can hold hands in church now, hold my boyfriend's hand at the movies, and shake hands without worrying. even on a bad day, my hands are no where as bad as they use to be. I still wish it was just more convenient ans less complicated though! And I wish there was a cure besides cutting off my nerve endings! lol Peaches :roll:


do not buy one! you can make one for under $10! it works just as great, so i've heard. just type in "build your own iontophoresis device" online and you'll get helpful, easy instructions on how to make one. it's sooo easy! all you need are batteries, wires & bowls/pans