Iontophoresis - help?

Hi guys,
I am 17 years old and have had hyperdidrosis for a couple of years now. I have recently started using an iontophoresis machine called the - HIDREX PSP 1000. However I have no idea how to structure the sessions!
Currently (pun intended) I do 20 mins each for my feet, armpits and hands. I usually turn up the Ma/Voltage as high as I can, so roughly for armpits - 10 (pulsed current), Hands - 30 (pulsed) and feet - 35 (direct current). For the past week, I have been doing this daily.
- I was just curious as to how other people go about this/know what is recommended in terms of timing and current?
- Also Is it okay to do it for say 2/3 hours at a time, since I am too lazy to set it all up everyday haha!
- And Lastly I don't mind putting up the current, even if it stings slightly, as long as it is more effective, Have people generally found this to be the case or do you build up a 'resistance' to a higher current?



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There are lots of information in previous threads where people have posted their schedules and routines. It can be different for everyone and takes some trial and error to figure out what works best for you. Your schedule looks pretty good, but it is fine to take day off here and there. I find higher current is more effective as long as it is not too uncomfortable.