Hi, I am a single mom of 2 girls. They are 5 and 3yr. Ive been separated the last year and a half so I am taking action to get a divorce this year. I work full time and I enjoy my job. I have a great babysitter that helps me out a lot.

I have social anxiety and I it's been a year that I found out what I have. I basically searched online and found info about the subject and joined a forum for a short while. I was surprised to find this forum because there didn't seem to be many forums for those with social anxiety. Or maybe I just didnt search long enough. Well anyhow I am glad to be here. I have had SA since I was 20. And if I would have known then I would have gotten myself help sooner.

It's tough for me cause I am tired all the time. I usually take vit and min's but that doesn't do the trick. I tried St John's Wort and didn't seem to think it helped much. I read the post about taking zinc plus calcium and mag so I am trying that. I really would prefer to take the natural stuff than take prescription med's but if it comes down to it then I will give it a shot. I am so tired of being drained from my anxiety. I am 28 and want to enjoy the rest of my life! I am not well off finacially or I'd go see a doc and therapist right now. So I am just waiting till tax time and in the mean time going to see what certain vitamins can do for me.

I really feel uncomfortable in group settings. I hate being stared at. I don't like being the center of attention. Eye contact isn't easy but I still try. I do better one on one with people. Home is where I feel the safest. I still like to go out and do things too. I just don't get out often. And I feel better being with someone when I go somewhere even if it's my girls.
For the most part I just wish I could RELAX! I really don't have anything to be uptight about. I am a shy person around people I don't know. But I can be fun and outgoing for the moments my anxiety isn't trapping me in.

I was told that I need to change my thought patterns. And I am trying. But it's not easy. And how does a person build self confidence?

Well that's enough about me. I hope to get to know others here. :)


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Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering, but it's good to hear that you are trying. Since you have children, it might be a worth making friends with the parents at the school, that way it could be easier in group settings. If you know when your "anxiety isn't trapping you in", try to focus on the times when that happens, it might be easier for you to enjoy yourself. Praise yourself when you can achieve something, that will start to build up your self-confidence.

I hope this has made sense, and I'm sorry I'm not much help. All the best for the future, I hope it works out for you in the end.


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I dont know how i missed your post but i did and i wish i hadnt because i understand so much how you feel. Im much older but still trapped in this rediculious anxiety. Mine is way worse as of the past year, and unless im doing just what i want, im in quite a state. Im actually having to retire early because of it which is a shame. I feel completly compitant if walking the beach, or walking my dogs, my head is clear, but when faced with responsibility, i crack. Or being watched, i CANT STAND IT! It's really so awful cause though i've always been whats been called"painfully shy" i've still carried on my job with needie kids. It's just out of control latly,,,,, working on it and getting help. See, i think my kids kept me in line sort of. You kind of keep yourself together for them which thank God, I did. Now they just think im silly, which is ok too, but just cant go to work like this. But, I sure hope you'll keep on working at it. I know how i used to feel, and it was tough but not anything like what im going through now. So, biengs your young, and you know whats going on(I didnt know anything about this garb) mabie you can nip it and not let it get anymore of you than it already has....Thankfully i have a loving husband and i live quite a normal life, but it wears ya out (like you said). I think that this board has helped me enormasly cause at first i couldnt write, and now, even if someone said something mean to me, i think i wouldnt even spaz out. :lol: So, keep reading and writing.......hope you get feeling better! And if i've said anything you dont like im sorry and just remember, im a sa...person too, and know we all have bit different situations