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So to make a long story short, always had a mild / moderate problem with anxiety but manage to control it myself (basically just suffer on with it)

In the last few months there’s been a few times where it becomes heightened to a point of me being miserable and on the border of a panic attack that takes days to recover from.

I had 2 Valium that were left over when I was prescribed them for flying. On the last occasion I was awake all night and suffered terribly the following day so I decided to take one of the tablets (5mg)
It defiantly helped me significantly and calmed me right down to the point where I was relaxed enough to have a good nights sleep and woke the following day back to normal!

Also about 3 years ago I was on holidays and had a full blown panic attack where I thought I was going to die. 3 days later I felt another one coming on, fingers started tingling, shortness of breath etc so i took a single Valium tablet, half hour later it all faded away and I was able to relax.

I don’t know is it a good idea to go to the doctor and explain this or would it sound like I’m just looking to score some drugs! Maybe he will think “that’s not what I gave him them Valium for so he’s not getting them in future for flying”

I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to have to take medication full time for it but I think it will benefit me a lot if I had something for the heightened periods of it! I’d basically be asking him if he will give me about 10 tablets every 4 months or so.

Has anybody any expierence with something like this?

Also I should add that I’m currently on propanolol on a “as needed basis” usually find myself taking a dose of 50mg approx twice per month
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It's best to be honest with your doctor about your Valium use. I dont see too much wrong with it currently. but be careful - Valium CAN be addictive. I've had it before and it relaxes you. Made me feel good thats for sure.

I think if you speak to your doctor about your concerns then he/she will be better equipped to help you.


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Thanks for the reply.

The irony of my situation - I feel fine now but the thought of having to go and explain that I need something for bouts of high anxiety is making me anxious :/

I’m obviously open to trying something other than Valium If he thinks that will help! I know tho that it reacts well with me, done the job with no overkill and didn’t have any negative effect!