im so proud of myself :)


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(hello, i havent been here for a while)
im so proud of myself, i joined the gym :D
ive been psyching myself up for ages..and so i sent the form in and whatever..
but then i got totally freaked out cos we had to have an shown how all the machines work..but i did it :D :D
it was really scary, cos the lady was watching me all the time, but i just pretended the sweat and heavy breathing and red face was from the exercise..
im sorry..i dont know if its relevant, just im so happy 8)
i hope everyone is okay


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Ah nice one Fredscarecrow! I'd love to join the gym if I had the money. I'm a lanky little bastard so it'd do me some good.

I always appreciate the instructor showing you how to use equipment if they're rather attractive, lol. Had this gorgeous lass showing me how to use the equipment and giving demonstrations a few years ago. Was rather nice watching her stretching, bending over, pushing out etc lol. I was always like 'no, I'm not sure I understand how to use that. Can you show me again?'

What? I was a teenager, I couldn't help it :lol:


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Fredscarecrow said:
im so proud of myself, i joined the gym
Well done fred :D i wish i could go and join a gym,i have one up the road from me and my uncle works in it (hes a cleaner in it not a fitness instructor) , he has told me to come up for an introduction and he will show me around the place but i still cant go :roll: , iam all jealous of you now :evil:


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It's great, congratulations. Don't you feel more confident now? I hope it helps you to do other thing you avoided to do before.


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Well done girl. Wish I had the confidence to join one.

I tried looking around my uni gym today and it was full to the brim of BIG ripped muscley-as-fook men. Seriously, not a normal looking person or fellow female in sight. I was sooooooo intimidated. :lol:

Hey Scottish player, maybe we should start up a gym for social phobes. Individual training cubicles anyone? 8O


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Congrats! I used to be a member of one too at one point, I was always nervous, and one time this naked man came up to me in the locker rooms, I felt kind of uncomfortable, some people have too much confidence.
I feel like I need to tone up a bit before joining a gym. It's sad that to feel comfortable enough to get into really good shape I have to first be in shape. Just seeing all the girls with bulging abs who don't nearly pass out using a thigh master make me feel like a massive blob of lard. I've never actually used a thigh master, but I'm sure I'd dehydrate or something.


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hey is the working out at the gym going? you're a brave soldier :) ... i work out in my basement :oops: ....every night...and i feel really strong and upbeat after...for about 10 min or so....wish i could make that feeling last :roll: