I'm a blusher


i'm an excessive blusher,age 16, so i still go to school
i think i kinda had the start of my blushing figure out,
about 2 years ago, i boy told me i was blushing in a mean way and i just blushed even more.....and from than on i've been bushing alot and recently this matter has gone worse, its like i blush for no reason.
although i do find myself blushing more in front of boys than girls,
and when the teacher is teahing us some topic around sexual stuff,
i couldnt even read a love novel in public places
dont get me wrong i'm not like.....always thinking about that stuff
but u know how u get so uncomfortable and wonder what ppl think of u
i'm so self concious now, even when i hear someone laugh i feel like their laughing at me
its just so nice to know others have it too, but ppl around me dont even know of this, so they might think i'm sick or somthing, someone actually asked me if i have skin problem, that made me felt really stupid and dumb. this thing is really ruining my life, and i wish i could get some help

do u think i would have to get meds or see a hypnisis?
if anyone reads this i would appreciate it if i get some feedback : )
Nahh your ok, i'm the same, well... not as bad but i blush at a lot, especially when a guy i really like is talking to me i giggle so much and blush a lot, were just more sensitive people and overwhelmed more with feelings, i'm sure people find it cute not bad. People find it cute when i blush like that.


I used to blush a lot too, so I know how embarrassing and annoying it can be.

A trick that worked for me is to “dare” your face to blush. Try turning everything upside down and instead of thinking “oh god I hope I’m not going to blush, right now.” Think things like “All right stupid face; give it all you got then. C’mon, turn as red as you possibly can!:mad:

Didn’t work every time but I think it helped.


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[this will neither help nor make you feel better]

I would feel much more relaxed talking to a girl who blushed often, keeps it more relaxed. It would make it easier for me to talk to her because I could tell that she may be a little nervous. However, if I were the one blushing constantly, I may feel very insecure. I doubt there is anything that you can do about it other than learn to live with it. who knows, you may meet a guy you like that thinks that blushing is as adorable as I do :D
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Today I am very sad nãopelo flushing more because I'm separated and have a 1 year old daughter of
Flushing only makes me even more down, I loved my wife more externalizing did not know this love was gross and bad duchy how life was with me, now I cry to think that my daughter will not grow together with parents, I am a believer in Jesus and affectively dempedente, it seems that my heart is crushed and a lump in my throat, since the 16 years I lived half his life as a prison inside of me,
Saw police and other topics, soccer players and executives who have the same problem of flushing, it has not caused my separation but I'm opening myself up with my friends great sadness at this time