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I have read many peoples posts on here and I can't believe that other people actually have the exact same feelings as me, I must have this stupid S.A.D thing, and now my main focus in life is to get rid of this terrible curse, I used to think it was only me who had this but its just not the case. I can't speak to (my friends) without making a plunker of myself, i'm usually o.k with people I don't know, it's olny when I know that I am stuck with this person and I have to talk to them, that I start to panic. Also no one else knows what I'm going through witch makes it even harder, I can't keep a job or make new friends.

I am thinking of getting therapy soon, as I have been suffering for about 2 or 3 years now, I was always shy but never thought it would come to this. I'm still only 18 so I fancy my chances of beating this.

I am so glad Ive found somewere to tell people my feelings
Good Luck everyone
P.S-Does anyone have advice on what to say to my G.P?
Thanks V.M :lol:


hello Devo12

it's brave of you to want to confront social anxiety and to actively seek ways of doing so.
i wish you all the best in your efforts. having a positive attitude towards it and wanting to achieve the results that you do may make the difference.
i hope so for you.
social anxiety is different for everyone. it can be generalised or specific.
with regards to the gp, you could write down key information you want to say, so that you're not floundering during the appointment. perhaps you could make a list of the situations which cause you most anxiety and how they affect you. it is feasible to present your written list for the gp to read through in case you feel uncomfortable talking about these cold. also have any questions you wish to ask written down so you don't forget them when put on the spot during the consultation. you could print out some information from online sites dealing with social anxiety and highlight the things in common with your own personal story. a site such as www.socialanxiety.com.au has some good concise information and lists of key situations, symptoms, emotional and physical responses.
no gp wants someone doing their job for them, but being aware of what you might like to happen as a result of the appointment might help you be a little more assertive in the appointment itself. a lot of people report that their gps tend to sweep their concerns under the carpet. social anxiety is not an area in which gps typically have much knowledge. being armed with some knowledge of your own beforehand might give the gp an idea of how they could best help you. if you think you'd like to seek counselling via a psychologist or psychiatrist, your gp should be able to put you in touch with the right contacts and write a referral letter and possibly even organise the initial appointment for you. be aware of the fact that medications might be suggested. know a little about the different categories of drugs that are used to treat social anxiety.

take care.


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i know what you mean i have a hard time talking to people at my school, but it is easier when i go out and meet people that i will never seen again.

I think it is cool for you that you are getting help. I, myself have not done so, i told my greatest friend, and she didnt believe me and she just said to get over.

hope you are getting better!