I need help.


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I'm a 15 year old male, and I have hyperhydrosis. It began I guess at the end of the winter last year, and I can't describe the effect it's had on me since. My personality hasn't changed (I still do all the things I used to do before I had it). But, it's rewening how I think about myself. I have these huge sweat areas in my armpits on and off during the day. It gets bad when I'm at all physical (even walking 10 feet). I'm forever in the washroom at school drying myself.

Here's whats weird. It never happens on the weekend or after school or before school. I can work out, and I still barely get any sweat in my arms. Thankfully, it's only in my armpits, nowhere else. I've tried antiperspirants, but they don't work. I'm terrified of surgery, and it's basically not an option for me. I don't know how severe my case is, do you know how I can determine that? Also, I need a way to go to my doctor and deal with this. I'm scared to tell my parents - I'm always terrified of telling them things like that.

thanks for any advice you can give, i'm getting desperate.


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so it basically only happens when your in school?
are you a quite self concious person?
Because at one point when i was in high school.. i went through the same problem.. sweating alot... but once i felt comfortable there.. it went away because i was keeping my self busy and wasnt thinking at all about being self concious etc ya know?


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Happy to be there, I'm a fun person - I like to have fun, and be fun. I never stress about school related stuff (tests). When I stress, I sweat from the armpits. But again, I'm rarely anxious or nervious or stressed at school.

I start to sweat about 20 minutes into my first class. If I wear my backpack, I get toally soaked, because the straps go under my arms, rubbing my clothes against my armpits.

I'm so thankful that it doesn't stain or smell at all.


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umm.. maybe the class room is like 100 degrees or something??!
I dunno.. its so strange.. so do you have alot of friends in school? that you hang round with etc?


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I also have hh and mine is also disapears when im anxious, but also whenn im angry or very excited. So i start to sweat whenn my emotions are extreme, so i guess its the same in youre case, as a teenager your emotions can be very extreme sometimes, so i think that is the reason why you sweat at school. I can imagine that, i also have it at school and at school are a lot of people that can be very exciting and very pressure full.


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marki, yeah you basically describe me.

today in one of my classes I started to get anxious, and i just took a few deep breaths and I stopped sweating.

i walked home from school, and i was soaked. this is probably because it is physical activity..
controlled hyperhidrosis

Seems your hyperhidrosis can be controlled. Sometimes it takes a good antiperspirant. I had to try a few, a mean many, before I found only 2 that work well. You can also try wearing undershirts, light weight, (my husband and 2 kids do so, even in summer). There is also some topical lotions (with prescription) mentioned in this forum many times (pls read the articles).
I had HH since I can remember, a small child, your onset at later age, besides your being a teenager where so many changes happening to your body, compounded with the school situation.

My HH was always present, if I was happy, calm, stressed...anytime. It was always there, so I hope and think yours is maneagable.

Surgery! I would consider other means first. Beginning by involving your parents, maybe gradually, at least one of them? I am not against surgery, I had it myself a few weeks ago, but I had sweaty hands that affected tremendously my interaction with other people, all my life.

Please read the many other posts of this forum, you will get a lot of information and help.

Good Luck!