I have APD I need help


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I think I have Avoidant Personality Disorder, I have researched for different disorders for the past year and this one suits me the most. I began searching last when I almost failed my final year degree project because I could not consult with my supervisor and worse did not hand in my project because I knew it was not good enough. By the way I am pretty good at my studies, I past first year and second year with distinctions and as best student and even when i graduated I was among the top three students. My classmates were appalled and said why i did not talk but I just could not.

I always had a problem with confronting people. I was always afraid of being sent to my neighbors even if it was just to deliver a message so you can imagine if it was to ask for something.The problem now is this is is hindering me now in my work and it makes me almost cry.I have a group of friends but I am comfortable if at least we are three because if we are only two I sometimes do not know what to talk about. I get very angry when somebody says I am shy because I do not know how they saw it. I can mention many situations but I think my point is made. But I am sure I have APD even though I have not been diagnosed by a therapist because I have not seen one. I do not know way forward but its comforting to know something is wrong with me (its weird to some people).