I Hate It

I ****in hate this...why is it so hard for me(for all of us!) to conversate and just connect with people?! I can just never initiate a good conversation with people, and everyone's starting to know that! I feel like I'm broken, but I can't figure out how to fix it! I just don't get it sometimes, I really don't...it seriously makes me not want to open my mouth sometimes, or even try talking to people, cuz I know my dumb-ass is going to say something stupid. And its not like my "brothers" are even supportive; they just ignore me. I hate this man...i really do...
Same thing, understand you completely. Even friends (I thought they were) are avoiding me now, because it's becoming to strange being with me.
I know exactly what you're talking about! I went to the bar last night and EVEN THOUGH I WAS WASTED I couldn't talk to any girls :( I'm almost ready to give up


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It's very strange, and very hard to break out of.

I'm going insane from frustration personally, at the very least the frustration can motivate me to try something else occasionally.


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The problem is lack of communication skills. By avoiding social situations and not talking to people for years we forget how to communicate efficiently. Communication is a great skill and takes practice to master, and if you don't talk to people at all, you basically forget how to talk. If you want to learn how to communicate good, I recommend you start with: "MESSAGES: communication skills book".


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Perhaps, what you consider a good conversation only could take place when you are more closer o some people. Ordinary conversations is the opennig to the former conversations. Social Exposure Therapy is helping me a lot. And I agree with a post above, the lack of social skills. I compare them as a child when he/she is beggining to walk. The most you practice them, the best.
Good luck!
I'm not working right now, and sometimes i'll go for several days without talking. I find it becomes harder to formulate coherent speech when you don't use it often. Not too mention, the interests I do have are very obscure. Not too many people are into 70's italian horror movies and video game emulation. I don't follow the news, and I hate politics, so my conversational topics are severely limited.
God, I despise mindless small talk.
i hear you. i'm fighting the same thing. i'm trying to simply force myself to talk to people and not care about what comes out because, right now, i think you gotta know you're at square one and it can only get better.