I don't have any interests


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When I was younger (elementary and HS) I actually had things I enjoyed doing: Writing, reading, drawing, painting, arts/crafts. And then for awhile I was big on working out.

But now I have absolutely nothing. It's a shame because I used to have talent in some of the above ventures. I don't play music, don't go to rock shows or anything, don't play any sports. I don't have any passions anymore.

I feel like if I had something that I loved I would be more interesting, or maybe even meet people who I have something in common with. Or just have something interesting to talk about.

What are your passions? Favorite past times? Places to go? Recreational activities? And if your SA/Shyness didn't get in your way, what is one thing that you'd love to do or try?


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the best way to counter that is to write down a list of things that you do everyday (even things that you do not like). then see which ones bring you the most joy. if none of them do, then look to see how much time you have open during the day and use that to browse the web or research things that you are unfamiliar with or would like to try. if you don't have any time in your list of things that you wrote out, then the first problem may be that you are overworking yourself and you are too tired to enjoy the things that you used to like.

Don't worry if you grow out of interests. I used to play piano from third grade until about my second year of highschool, and now, 5 years later, I can bearily play pieces that I used to be able to play with ease, and it took me four years to discover a new interest (photography).

just find whatever makes you happy and if you cannot find anything that truly interests you right away, give it some time. ^^


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I have more than a few passions. In fact, i hardly get bored.
I love drawing, learning about occult, playing videogames, music, movies etc. I can never be bored.
I do wish though that I had someone with whom i could share my interests or just talk to but.. oh well.
I don't think it should be difficult for you to discover your passion. There are so many things out there, u just have to experiment & select.


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i can relate,

when i was younger i liked many things , it's normal to lose some interest, but i know many things that i really liked and stop doing because of my fears... sometimes i think that when we have SA we avoid things so hard that it comes to a place where we simplily lose interest and will to do things...

i still having some interest, but it's more about work...
the older i get the harder is to regain some interest in things...