I am about to get a panic ATTACK!!


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I am in college and in one of my classes I had to rewrite every single essay I have written. English is not my first language so is hard for me and is very hard for me to concentrate on work when my mind speaks on its own. I have to rewrite two essays that are due this Monday and I have to write another one that is due on Thursday and Wednesday. The thing is, I am so angry because I did an essay on prostitution and whether or not I think there should be a public punishment for it, and all she said rewrite it over, changed the topic. I felt that I was doing pretty good with this essay and at first she lost it and I have to re-printed it out for her, and then the next day she gave me the news. I am so sick and tired of that damn professor and I am crying right now because I should had never started college. I asked her if I can get extra credit work and she said no to me but to another student she gave her plenty of extra credit work. I want to kill myself because I can't take it anymore. I am like the only person that had to rewrite this stuff more than a million times. Instead of giving me suggestions all she does is talk shit and say rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.
Sounds like she might have a personal grudge with you,which kinda sucks...but it really sounds like it if shes treating you different to other students.

I really dont know what to suggest except hang on in there and just concentrate on the work,youve done so well so far and dont let one person get you down.Maybe you could get a 2nd opinion on your work off another professor?I know its hard with anxiety but maybe you should stand up to her?This is risky cos it could always go wrong,but i had one college teacher who always use to give me crap,he only backed off once i stood up for myself.

I hope things get better for you anyway,best wishes with it all.