Hypochrondia drivin me nuts


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Okay, so im eventually overcoming anxiety. My panic attacks seem to have evaporated a little but every single day i'm worrying about my health and i keep self diagnosing myself with these awful conditions.
It's quite funny but at the same time it's not! The other week i was at the doctors because i thought i had ear cancer, turns out the lump i was feeling was my lymph node???

Please anyone else out there driving themselves crazy ?


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Its just your brain looking for stuff to worry you out. Since you're overcoming your anxiety and your brain isn't getting adrenaline from those thoughts anymore, hes looking for something else... i had that, not with Hypochrondia, but still, i'd get worried about little stuff like, when i left home and i was walking down the street i got worried cause i didn't know if i left a cup next to my computer... Just keep posivitive thinking and keep on the good job with your anxiety.