How to make someone with a very dry sense of humour....laugh?


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Now, after the departure of my boss who was slightly tough to deal with at times and an abrasive style which caused many arguments. We now have a boss who is very placid but approachable, polite etc.

But he's got a very, very dry sense of humour and I find it hard to have a laugh/joke with him. My other colleagues who are of similiar age to him tend to have a joke etc but me, I just find it hard. I tend to try and think of things that might make him laugh when we chat but he barely responds..

So I've tended to keep my dealings with him professional but should I give up trying to make him laugh and just keep it professional?


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Well unless you're a professional comedian then probably- I'd suggest being yourself


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As someone with a rather dry wit, lemme just say that a sh*t-eating or conspiratorial grin is the proper response to any little quip.

We don't make off-handed comments to get a solid laugh, and when someone does actually lol, we sit there for the next dozen minutes trying to figure out why.

But a sly, knowing grin would tell us that our comment was both understood and appreciated in the proper context, so for any quick little one-liners, just limit yourself to that and you'll be responding appropriately.

And don't worry about trying to get him to crack a smile. He's not the boss because he's a comedian; it's because he's professional. He'll only add in little bits of humour here and there to keep things light.