how to get in touch with psychologist for CBT?


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Hi shyboy,

You could go and see you local GP and he could give you a recommendation of a good psychologist, but you do not need a referral, only for a psychiatrist.

Try ringing the below for a recommendation, they should have list of therapists that they would recommend and have had good feedback about.

Panic Anxiety Disorder Association Inc.

Telephone: 08 8227 1044
Fax: 08 8227 1266
Address: PO Box 83, Fullarton, SA 5063
Contact Person: Liz Mumford, Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

The Panic Anxiety Disorder Association Inc. (PADA Inc.) was incorporated in South Australia in June 1987. We are a consumer organisation representing people who have an anxiety disorder. PADA relies on grants, membership, donations, and the assistance of dedicated volunteers, to provide a number of services to anxiety sufferers and their families/carers. These services include:
• Information services, including community talks
• Anxiety Management Programs
• Advocacy
• Referral to anxiety disorder specialists
• Sale of books, tapes & videos
Members also receive additional benefits including: monthly newsletter, discount on all services and telephone support.



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just found out i failed this semester at uni (too scared to ask for help, go to class). :(



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Hi Quarkz,

Sorry I didn't know you have a phobia of phones :(

You know alot of people who work at anxiety related organisations have anxiety themselves (i.e. so they are very understanding).

Why don't you practice with someone about making the phone call or get someone to ring for you, just a thought.