Hormones results

Hi, everyone!

Finnaly i went to endocrinologist and i had my hormones results :

FSH 3,47 U/l norm 1,5 - 12,4
LH 8,91 mlU/ml norm 1,7 - 8,6
Testosterone 4,95 ng/ml norm 2,8 - 8,0
Prolactin 611,8 mlU/l norm 86 - 324


Aldosterone 219,79 pg/ml norm lying position 12 - 157,5 pg/ml
vertical 13,3 - 231,4 pg/ml

Year earlier i had checked FT3 FT4 and TSH and they were in norm range.

Can someone tell me if this Prolactin which i had 2 times more then norm can couse problems with feeling hot which cause hyperhidrosis? Or mby this LH or Aldosterone?
Can someone of you show my results to your endocrinologist and ask him about it, what he would recommend to do?
I live in Poland where doctors want people to die so i must wait exacly one year for my next visit to endocrinologist. I think i wont be able to live so long - i am completly wreck of the man atm and it is getting worse.

Please help me!
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Prolactin lowers dopamine, low dopamine causes high acetylcholine and that is why you sweat.

vitamin b6 and the herb vitex lower high prolactin :)