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Boy, am I glad I found this website. I'm a 16 year old girl with social phobia that basically runs my life. I really hate school; I can't bear to talk to anyone, I feel awkward the whole time and well, you know, with all the importance of popularity in highschool, my lack of people skills poses a real problem. :cry:
I'm so relieved I'm not alone. I honestly thought I was the only one in the world with this phobia, but now I know how common it really is; it's just not talked about openly. This site is great for changing that! :D


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Absolutely. I am running to work right now and I have to go, but I wanted to say hi. :D

I am recovering from social phobia right now in my life. I'm actually looking forward to my day at work when before I DREADED the thought of having to work around people. But all that is changing now.

HOpe to talk to you soon.

Have a great day,



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I agree with you. I just ran across this website and was reading through the messages. I am also 16 and find it very difficult to go to school and try to deal with the fact that I have social phobia. I look around and it seems that no one around me has the same problem. Everyone one fits into their own little group and I don't seem to fit in with any of them. I have only one fairly good friend (at least she's been my friend since the second grade). And even she can't understand me at all. Honestly I don't even think she cares to be around me anymore. Anyways, I've been dealing with shyness for as long as I can remember and it seems to be getting worse. I guess there are others out there and that there is at least a little hope for the future.


Hey again

I'm feeling heaps better now. Just got back from school camp where we were learning all about ourselves and others... you know, that deep, spiritual stuff. Anyway, I got to know a few people and at the end we had to write letters to each other, sealed in a labelled envelope to open when we got home. Someone called me deep, trustworthy and serene! Those letters were so sweet, and I'm happy that others understand me better now and can see the good things about being introverted.


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That is so true. Being introverted isn't totally all bad. It is just when you let it get in the way of your goals, like getting an education or making friends. It sounds like you made friends of your own at Camp! :D :D :D

Good for you! :D :D


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Green, I also went through school hating it and feeling like an outcast. I was verry shy and introverted just like you but i had been a loner since i was 13, used to hide in the library at lunchtimes to get away from people. There is nothing wrong with being shy and introverted just don't let it hold you back from your goals. Sadly I wasted the last 3 years at school as I was being bullied and had no idea what I wanted to do so I never tried. I really regret this now as I am working in a dead end job, I have wasted the last 23 years being a loner and isolating myself from people but all this has achieved is me having no social skills and feeling very insecure around people but I am now working on overcoming this. You are still young and now that you know that you have a social phobia you can take steps to fix the problem before it gets out of control.

Good to here that you enjoyed your school camp. when you are really shy it is hard for you to see your good points and it quite oftens takes comments from other people to make you realise how well you really are liked.
It makes you feel good to know this. Most shy people make really good friends as they are very understanding and good listeners but they lack social skills and usually put themselves down when it really isnt necessary.


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Social Isolation

Yeah hi green and others,

I just wanted to say that there is support available in most states of Australia. To find out that you have this disorder at 16 could be a blessing in disguise. I wish I knew what was wrong with me at that age. I finally got diagnosed at the age of 29. I am now 33 and have been getting treatment and attending support groups for about 4 years now. Things have improved and I have met others who have similar issues. I am sure you already know about these websites, but I thought I should just mention them anyway as they are local.
Good luck


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Social phobia

Hi Green,

I thought I should mention a couple of other websites too.
and for a list of even more relevant sites

I was also thinking about highschool and how much I dreaded it. I was reasonably popular up until I was 14. Then I just withdrew from everyone and hated being the centre of attention particularly in the class room. At the time I hated school because of my social phobia but had no idea of what was wrong with me. I couldn't talk to anyone and kept all my problems to myself. In my family problems were never discussed. Now I talk about my issues to my therapist and my parents. It feels heaps better to be able to talk about your problems and seek help if necessary. One thing I have noticed is that shy people or people with social phobia are much more considerate, caring, nice and easier to talk to. All positive attributes. I can't stand arrogant loud mouths and wouldn't want to be like that. I just think it's important to try and be yourself.
It sounds as if things are improving for you already...
Goodluck :p :p :p