Hi everyone, talk to me!


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I tend to joke a lot through my posts, so when I have a more serious point to make I try to be more serious, and I can understand how that can be unfriendly, my intention was to be helpful though. And I hope I didn't make you feel unwelcome, you're of course welcome to post your thoughts and feelings throughout this forum, like I said it's what most of us use this forum for and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I was just trying to look at the reality of things though. And I'm not talking about the banning, I don't use that forum and have no clue what happened. And expressing how you feel about it is completely ok. It's just this forum is what it is, there's only a handful of active posters, and most of the time no one else is online. When they are online, everyone may not be interested in offering support. Personally I'm worn out a lot, and don't feel I have a helpful thing to say, so I don't say anything. I worry people would depend on me when I know I am not dependable all the time. But other people do offer more support on a regular basis, but they are only human and have their own things to deal with.

I only say all that because it sounds like you are looking for a lot of support which this forum may only be able to provide some of. And unfortunately that other forum cannot provide that support right now. I offered the suggestion of other forums in the hope of there being one that could provide what you are looking for. I imagine loner suggested her activities for a similar reason.

I do read nearly all the posts people make, and I hope for you to find a supportive outlet if you don't have one.

And while I'm here and posting, I can give you one thought on your banning. One rule that a lot of forums tend to implement is a "spam post" rule. What that means is a person posts in a thread over and over without letting anyone reply, or if they make posts or threads that are all short without much substance, they'll ban them for taking away from other people's posts. On a forum like spw that is slow, it doesn't really matter if a person posts in a thread 5 times in a row because they're bored. But on a forum where there are hundreds or even thousands of other users online it makes everything a hot mess. I know you sometimes post like that here (which is fine, because the forum is so slow) and maybe if you did as well on the other forum they didn't like it.
Ok thanks but no only 1 time did i do that bc i was new.

Have you tried just making a new account with a different email address and rejoining the site under a different name?
No i don't want to secretly do that if I'm banned. They can also see that one day.

Maybe if you pray hard enough, god will unban you?
perhaps he will, if it's His will


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Yes, I'm sorry if it sounded condescending to you Lily, what I meant is it's starting to be worrisome because you sound very unhappy and anxious right now. So I was trying to suggest things that you could do to entertain yourself, meet new people, and let go of this banning thing because it sounds like it's draining you in a bad way
Oh i just want to let you know that you don't have to worry about me being anxious about this as I'm not.