Help for NZers

I think I introduced myself in a reply another thread in this forum but, never the less:

Vincent is the name,
Im 28, live in Tauranga. Lived in Taiwan as an English teacher for 3 years. Back now to study psych later this year.

I got back into a support group as soon as I returned a month ago. Its called GROW, and its a International Mental Health movement. It was founded fifty years ago and has spread globally since. Unfortunately, at this stage I only know of groups in Tauranga, Thames and Auckland (seven). I'm trying to find out of more.

I find it really beneficial. Its open to any kind of issues or walks of life. Its all voluntary, and usually run by those recovered/ recovering. There is structure, it has twelve steps like AA and the meetings are based routine and follow ups.

I'm going to try and promote GROW myself as best I can and if there isn't a group in Wellington when I head down there later in the year, Ill see if I can't start one. Also, there currently isn't any website, but Im enquire about that and possibly make one.

As I say, Im just getting into things, and will keep posting as I learn more. Its very useful to this website in general too as it is international. While my experience in Taiwan was very difficult, I factor in now that when I want to travel again later, I can choose countries with GROW which is a wonderful support tool and makes overseas experience much more realistic.

Website from Ireland with further information:

NZ Contact:

GROW Centre, P.O. BOX 41-051, St Lukes, Auckland or 97 St. Lukes Rod, Mt. Albert, Auckland. Ph/Fax: (09) 846-6869
Email address: [email protected] and [email protected]

Hope this of help,