Has anyone tried this type of self imagery?

Hi everyone,
Along with medication, I have been attacking my social anxiety disorder with mental imagery. What I do is gain as much knowledge in military psychology as I can. There's a video on youtube that shows what navy seals do to their recruits at boot camp. They basically stress them out and see who drops out. The video also shows what parts of the brain they are focusing on when training the men. I also will picture myself in situations where the military is likely to fall upon a dangerous situation like in a warzone for example. Any situation where I am starting to panic or tense up i'll tell myself that there are more dangerous situations, such as warzones, than the situation I am currently at. I picked the military because some of the professions are on par with being one of the most stressful areas to work at. And if you can handle that profession, then you can handle a lot I say. Anyways, just wanted to share, anyone else use a similar method?
I'm glad that's working for you!

You can also use mental imagery or visualisation to help you with normal life events that usually cause anxiety For example, if you usually break out into hives everytime you speak to the opposite sex, visualising a successful interaction once a day can make all the difference the next time you're in that situation. It worked for me! :bigsmile: