has anyone tried a medecine called


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citalopram it may be a generic form of pills.
but i got it for panic attacks. and i don't think its working.:(

can anyone tell me what theyre on and if it works/how you can tell?
so i dont feel so alone. hah :(

im on 40, but sometimes 80 when my anxiety gets bad.

i hate it, i hear not drinking/eating certain things helps.
anyone know anything? PLEASE MESSAGE me.



im on citalopram for anxiety and panic attacks which works better than my previous medication (paroxetine)

How long have you been on it for? everyone gets different results on different meds, it may mean you need to change or possibly wait a bit longer. They can take up to six weeks to kick in, but don't actually eliminate the anxiety or the panic attacks, just make them more manageable.

Have you tried hypnotherapy for relaxtion and confidence building, also breathing retraining to help with panic attacks or even prevent them.

Also distraction is quite powerful, its all about what you focus on, I know it often seems impossible to focus on something other than the anxiety, i still have trouble with that, but it can help