glycopyrronium bromide, and new german studies

hi does anyone know where i can buy glycopyrronium bromide liquid or powder form? so i can add it to my idromed 4(iontophoresis)?

I found out that my hyperhidrosis is caused by pschologic problems- Thats why i sweat alot of the time but on certian occasions i dont sweat at all and bone dry- and i found this out by my own- i did go before to a so called physician and he told me that my cereberal spinal fluid was leaking??? which i did not belive him- but anyone heard of this? the reason of hyperhidrosis? and he gave me some immune system improving powder i should eat, which never worked..

sry its long to read^^, oh yea so if i ate xanax- or a anti depression pill it would maybe help me with hyperhidrosis? I read a study somewhere, i dont have the sight but german scientists found a 67 year old man , who had hyperhidrosis for that long even wen he was very young, and they fed him some anti depression pills and he was cured in 3-4 weeks and had to maintain eating those pills,

i am angry at the fact i lost the site url, i will try to find again.