Glyco / Robinul / Avert: usage patterns?


I have been using glyco for several years now, and would be interested to know how other people use it.

So far, I have taken 1 to 2mg first thing in the morning, skipped breakfast and only had food from lunch time, to maximise the drug effect. As many have reported, drug takes 1.5 to 2 hours to be active, and no food/drinks should be consumed during that time. I have only taken once per day, but drug starts to wear off late afternoons/evenings.

Because of the dawn effect on blood glucose levels, I don't think skipping breakfast is a good idea/very healthy, so would be interested to know what other people do (e.g. take before going to bed) and related success.



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I’ve been taking 1.5 of glyco for 3+ years. I set my alarm for 5:45am, take it and go back to sleep. Get up at 6:30 and eat breakfast around 8am. Works well. Wears off towards end of day but home by then and less stress. I also do 16 minutes of ionto 3-4 times per week.