Game: this or that?


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Just thought I'd put a couple forum games here...

here's how this game goes:

Person 1: Red or green?
Person 2: Green. Cheescake or ice cream?
Person 3: Ice cream. Milk or water?

etc etc etc

I'll start...
Dogs or cats?

edit: sorry if I didnt make this clear, after you answer you ask a new one ;)


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Ummmmmmmm. Let me see. Cats or dogs? I love both, but with lack of time for pets, I guess I will go for cats.

fish or mouse?


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hehe good job answering your own question :D I agree though

rain... wait, no.. snow. ahh this is a tough one. I'd have to say snow. Snow days are good.

phone or IM? (I'm predicting since this is a SP forum it'll be IM...)