Hi, me again with another thought.

"We're free right? Free to think what we want, do what we want, heck...even say what we want. Sure these are the things we're entitled to, but have you stopped to wonder how much of it we actually get? People make efforts to keep those who are "different" down. Keep them from being in the same room, seating in the same seat, or even breathing the same air. Sure that's really free. Hasn't the fight all ready been fought? How much longer must we battle the rest of the human race in order to be accepted? How much longer must their minds be clouded with hopeless ignorance? How much longer until WE can finally say that we're free."

Hope you like it.


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i totally agree with what Jarous had to say. i also believe that it's all in our minds. well..first of all how do you know ur different if you haven't tried showing the world who you really are? how do you know people won't accept YOU?? :wink: