Free running!


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Anyone see jump london on C4 (British).
It totally capsulated the nation amazing stuff, umping buildings in a matrix style. Known as Parkour.
The thing that opened my eyes apart from it looks good,like skatboarding or an extreme sport is the philosophy behind it.
Even the simple this can be appiled to life. I tried jumping just down some stairs ,like you do, could do 3 no probs. Then I went to 5, suddenly I froze started to doubt myself, looked alot higher than 3. Knew I could, but couldn't stop thinking it would hurt if I feel wrong or just slipped. Then just went for it, and did it, heart was racing but felt so the feeling of accomplishment was great.
I know thats fairly mundane thing and childish, but I can see how it can relate to life, the feeling of doubt, anxiety but with the bonus at the of being proud, at end of it once you've done it.
The mention the city as n urban jungle and it so is,I totally look at the city where i'm living in a new light and its fun,not confined to just walk from A to B.
Its an interesting sport and a new way to look at life,plus anyone can do it.