first post on spw

I think i have been a blusher for several years.... but didn't really realise it was medical problem, i just thought it was me being weird. when i tryed to ask my mom about it she just said that its a faze im going through, and when i get older i will get over it. but based on some of the posts i have seen it has only gotten a lot worse for many people, to the point that affects how their whole life runs. im starting to become like that too, i avoid certain situations, going to places with lots of people, saying certain things, doing certain things. Presentations in particular are the worst. i start going beet red before the presentation has even started most times.:mad:

The worst part is that it doesn't really stop.... it can rage on for hours sometimes. it distracts me from what im doing or listening to because all i can think about is how red i must be and people noticing. if i have to do a presentation i put on a lot of foundation, concealer, etc that morning to help hide the blush, but i find it only hides about 20-30% of the fiery red glow, it is still pretty noticeable. sometimes the fear of blushing in front of everyone is so bad i feel nausated, really sweaty, or like i am about to pass out.

i feel rather hopeless, sometimes i wish i could just wear a mask everyday. any advice would be greatly appreciated! :) also if anyone could share a link to a hypnosis session, on youtube or something, that would be great too. i was thinking of giving that a try.