Fellow blusher back.


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Hi all. I haven't logged in for years. I've tried all sorts of things, sometimes my symptoms were reduced. I downloaded a cure for a blushing file online and it helped a little, for a while.

I firmly believe its all in the mind. I find if I'm outside at night, my chances of blushing is zero. Thats because I have confidence I won't blush, and if I do, it won't be seen. If I've been exercising heavily and already red-faced, again, total confidence. I'm confident because I'm already red. I enjoy facial sunburn. Why? Because its a temporary cure for blushing.

Hiding behind such measures is a band aid cure though. At times I think, stuff it I'm just going to save up for ets surgery. So what if i get dry hands or other side effects, at least i can live my life normal. I've thought of hypnotherapy and acupuncture. I haven't done either yet. I practice martial arts, in part to master myself internally, have total confidence, and use meditation. While I am improving in my physical skills, I am still battling blushing.

I've heard incredible things from the martial arts world. Abilities to withstand pain, pass lie detector tests and so forth tell me I may eventually master my blushing via martial arts. Thats my aim and hope anyway.

Well I'll be posting more, I have lots to share if you're interested. I enjoy hearing others stories who suffer just like me.


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My view is its all in the mind because I'm only confident if I'm already red, knowing others won't notice. Or confident in the dark for the same reason.

If I can't blush under those circumstances, I know its a mental problem. Thats why I'm not 100% sold on diet. I have heard about anti histamines. Staying off caffeine, having calcuim and magnesium in the diet and so forth, but I feel even if my diet is perfect, it won't change the social situations that trigger me.

Some people fear heights, crowds, enclosed spaces, spiders, and many other things. Some people are neat freaks or count tiles in bathrooms. Whatever. We are not perfect. I don't understand others phobias and they don't understand mine. But I do my best to understand them because my blushing problem makes me sympathetic to their disorder. I put myself in their situation.

Life is about opposites. While I believe its all in the mind, (the real problem), I am an expert in blushing avoidance techniques. I have hundreds but will just mention a few.

Ice. Ice is your number one cure. If you can, have access to ice on tap, in drinks, or with those ice fridges that dispense cubes or crushed ice. If you feel heat rising, place ice in your mouth and you will not blush. Buy an ice fridge for home or keep a stash of ice trays on hand in your freezer.

In social situations, wear minimal tops, jackets coats etc. Just a cool shirt no matter how cold. Cold is your friend. Its harder to blush when your cold than in summer when you'r already warm or half flushed awaiting a full blown attack.


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At large tables choose a seat near the end where you have less people sitting opposite. Having alot of people sitting opposite may be more uncomfortable for you.

Find seats in restaurants near walls or corners, again, less people looking you in the eyes.

Opt for dim lit restaurants.

Install dimmer switches at home. Dim them when people come over for dinner.

Around people, make an exit if you feel a blush about to take over. Take a toilet break, coffee break, anything. Get out of there. When you come back you may feel better.

Don't draw attention to yourself.

Use any distraction technique possible, anytime, anywhere under any circumstance. With practice you will get good at it. Become an expert at every situation, room, house, building, look around, predict when or where you may suffer and have a forecast of your save strategy of the moment.
I call it avoidance techniques. Its a band aid solutiuon, not a cure. It will just save your embarrasment temporarily.
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I can only agree and ALLE of the tips, except the sun burn thing. If i got a sun burn, and i turn red i just go even more RED !! lol insted i tan like mad, so i have a very brown skin now + melanotan 2 lol


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Thats cool duff. Everyone reacts different and have different triggers or comfort zones. Example, sometimes if I'm half flushed, I feel like I'm awaiting a full blown attack. Sometimes my partial redness is merely from nerves, the idea of blushing. The partial blush turns into a full blown blush. Thats why I spend my life avoiding full blown blushing. For example I could never get a job with board meetings or interviews, in fact any job behind a desk.

I feel if I'm sunburnt or well tanned around the face it shields my half flush. A disguise or camoflage. In summer I blush worse than winter. The cold reduces my blushing. When I'm sunburnt my attitude changes to, hey look at my face, yeah its sunburn, now nobody will notice my half flush, now I'm just like everyone else. Confident. Thats what I hide behind.

The blushers problem is thinking about blushing. Having it foremost on our minds. Everyone else has it at the back of their minds in that non-existant state. Yes they don't even contemplate it. Blushers have let themselves on a gradual downwards spiral by constantly dreading blushing. The constant thinking of what we shouldn't be thinking becomes our nemesis. We become our own worst enemy.

In reality nobody cares if we blush or not. Only we do. The sufferer. It doesn't harm anyone else in any way.


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You are absolutely rite :) it is a mental thing, when i feel good/happy i dont blush as often as when i feel like **** :) and it true, nobody gives a **** if my face turns red, i know i wouldn't care if somebody else did