feeling sick when going to places


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hi everyone here is my situation in a nutshell. im 20 next week and ive basicly had 6 years of terrible luck and i started college and for a year i was ok. its now 2 years later and ive been getting attacks for about a year now. it started as being dizzy and disoriented when i was out. it would hit me out of nowhere at any time, now its turned into feeling sick and whenever i go into a building i look for somewhere to be sick if i go far into it. im so so so tired of getting this every time i go out because my whole life is totally restricted and basicly im tired of feeling sick. im on beta blocker tablets but im not going out enough to see if they are working. ive been unemployed for 6 months since i left college (which half of the year i didnt turn up due to it all starting) i look like a total bum who lives like a hermit but its just not how i am ! having read that some of you have had it for 10 ,20 , 30 + years i really really dont want this to last that long !! has anyone defeated it sucsessfully?


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Hi James,
If you have sa, the way it affects you is new to me. You say you get sick when you go into a building. When you go in, do you anticipate having to deal with people and is this what what makes you sick? Can you go into a large abandoned building and not get sick? Just wondering and trying to understand your situation.
You mentioned that you are living like a hermit which sounds like sa to me. I'm retired now and have had sa since I was a teen but did not know what it was until much later from a tv program. I have resisted taking any of the drugs out there and I'm less inclined to try them now than ever. You may want to look into a wholistic approach with emphasis on an improved diet and exercise. In my opinion, drugs, like convenience foods, may be an easy way to deal with a problem but it may not be the best way. If you are eating a healthy diet, eat very little sugar and convenience or junk foods, and get plenty of exercise, then I have just run out of suggestions. As for the drugs, I would suggest you do some research---they do not seem like a sensible approach to me unless your situation is unbearable after trying a more natural approach. Some of the things I have heard Gary Null (an author and host of Natural Living on WBAI in NYC) make a lot of sense. More and more people in recent years are taking drugs, prescription and non, with little more regard (or so it seems) than having a few M&M's.
Well James, I hope you find your way toward improvement if not a complete cure.
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