Facial Flushing

Hi Folks,

I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience of this:

facial flushing on cheeks and nose
quite red and severe
looks awful
is very painful

occurs in response to stress/anger/bad strong emotions
and occurs in response to hot rooms

flush can last hours if I stay angry/stressed or in the hot room, it will go away overnight

making my life hell at the moment as cannot tolerate heat or any stressful situations

From VeryPuzzled, Cambridge, UK just in case Graham from Cambridge is around as his recent post was amazing!
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Whenever I go into a warmer environment (especially when there's artificial heating), I feel my face getting warm immediately. It doesn't bother me when there's low lighting, but when I know people can clearly see my warm face, I get very uncomfortable, which leads to blushing.

I find that the least you worry about it, the less it will last. I have a cousin whose face flushes easily as well, but it doesn't last because it doesn't bother her. She works out, goes out, does everything she wants. If she allowed it to get to her, she wouldn't be doing any of those things, I guarantee it.

My suggestion would be, in situations where you feel your face getting red, and if someone tells you you're red (which I know is a huge trigger), just smile it off and tell them 'yeah don't worry, I get red easily when it's warm'. The less it bothers you, the less other people will care.


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I started getting one red cheek about 6 years ago. I panicked and thought it might be lupus or something. Turns out it was stress induced rosacea. I find that it helps to not use anything harsh on the skin and to do dry skin brushing. I use one of those body wash gloves and just dry brush every night. Also vitamin C helps too.