Facebook Page Buddy

Hey :), I'm starting a new Facebook page community just for fun. I have few ideas about it but nothing final yet and I am looking for someone to make the page with me. I am also hoping this will help towards me getting over my social anxiety xD. So if you are interested in this kind of thing and don't mind working on it with a socially awkward person like me (which is probs a bad idea ^^) then feel free to reply to this post or pm me. Thanks! :thumbup:

PS: my interests are mostly gaming and anime so I am thinking the Facebook page will probably be something to do with that :thinking:
Don't really want to do this as I don't know you/trust who you are yet. You've only just joined here like I have with one post. No offense but I'm wary of trusting people who ask to be added on FB at the moment.
Hi, thanks for your reply :). I understand what you mean, but I am not asking for people to add me on facebook, just looknig to find someone with similar interests as I have and have fun creating a facebook page together and get to know each other better in the process of doing that I guess. No need to add me into friends on facebook if you don't want that.