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i just wanted to start a new thread where ppl can share their HH or facial blushing experiences (as they are very commonly related.)

I've had HH and FB since the age of 12 and is getting worse everyday. I use Driclor which has "cured" my palmar and armpits but not my face. My face also goes pink in any social situation... Even with my parents!!

Please... tell me your experiences and horror stories!


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I have not had much of a blushing problem but you may find more info on the SA-UK site. They have a section dedicated to that problem. Hope you find some ideas or help there.


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Yeah this is a great idea, this is what everyone wants to read. (at least me), i feel better reading others experiences (i'm sure everyone does). I would write one myself but i've been avoiding any social contact for a year, and before that my SP wasn't this bad so i have none, but smo pls write smt...
Its always been bad for me, i KNEW when I started to drive that I would sweat heaps. So i purpsosly made it so that i had winter lessons. But that didn't help. So i wore gloves and the instructor said i shouldn't.

And i didn't wear them one cold morning, i was driving for 30 sec and sweat!!!!!!!!! ahh all over the wheel, driping on the the thing where you put it in to drive and reverse so i ended up wearing thin white clothe gloves for my lessons, like micheal J... ahhh
my experiences

well ill list my experiences.

1)sweating all over the joystick (im talking about computers not my dick) when i was really small, my cuzins and friends use to hate it and offcourse i use to hate it.

2) sweating from hands on group work poster (1st yr high school) it was embarrasing, plus there was girls in my group.

3)The doctor surgery, sweating all over the telephone coz the receptionist told me to phone home to ask about something, i was using the other side of the hands to use the phone so it doesnt get wet.

4) later on in high school (3rd year) , the IT lessons, the keyboards were really dirty, we had to share computers between two people. my fingertips use to sweat so much that all the black dirt on the coputer was mixing with sweat and was just becoming black water. my partner in the lesson was like eeeeeeeww what is that? :oops:

i could go on and on but u guys get the idea
It's almost like some of you people are kinda lucky...my sweat problems are unblockable sometimes. When I sweat (my main area is the butt and legs and sometimes of my hands) I leave a puddle of sweat in my seat at school when class is over...which is extremely embarassing and causes me to sweat more, and it usually gets worse as the day goes on. I hate when the teacher calls me up to read my essay or something like that to the class. I want to tell all my teachers about my problem, so that maybe they'll leave me alone during class, but they might turn on me and try to ruin my life.