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do u no its such a relief i honestly thought i was the only 1 whos sweat literally dripped off my face,bac hands armpits feet and even u no where doc has put me on beta blockers been nearly 2 weeks no difference ne suggestions???

Just wanted to say ur not alone and other people share your problem too. I only found this website a week ago and i feel so much better after sharing my problem with others. Ive just got underarm sweat which ive been curing with some subsription. It defo helps to talk and im glad u foud this website to share the problem!! All the best.
elaine said:
I too suffer from hyperhydrosis of the hands and feet and underarms. I absolutely hate it. I usually avoid trying to shake hands with people. Sometimes I have days to weeks with it and then suddenly my hands/feet get very dry, so dry that I have to put a lot of moisteriser on them. But then when I get the strong tingles and heavy sensations in my hands/feet it starts again, and when I am more stressed/anxious it happens more. I've never met anyone in person who has it though, but I was relieved to find that a lot of people suffer from it because I know Im not alone with it. I'm going to look into remedies but I don't believe in going as far as surgery for it as I've heard of drastic side effects, its all in the mind, the brain produces the stimuli or whatever that causes it, so Id rather try natural remedies.
I suffered from palmar hyperhidrosis and my cousin also suffers from it. It seems that hers is really bad where her hands drip with sweat. I hadn't heard of your problem where it actually stops. I used to have it bad some days and others mit was better but there was for a while and you actually get excessively dry hands. It wasn't a single day that my hands didn't sweat. I finally had the ETs two weeks ago and I cannot believe that as I type this response I don't have to stop ten times to dry my hands.
My first suggestion, if possible, would be to completely bypass any GP's because they are useless with Hyperhidrosis. Look on the internet for the most highly skilled vascular surgeon with experience in Hyperhidrosis and just ask your doctor for a referral. If the sweating really is unbareable, then this will save you weeks, or even months, in wasted money and time in referrals to doctors with no real knowledge of the condition.

The internet is VITAL for understanding this condition.

In myexperience, anything prescribed by GPs does not work in the long term in curing severe hyperhidrosis, although others have had success.

My suggestion would be as above: find a very experienced doctor with extensive knowledge of the condition and obtain a referral from your GP. In the mean time, explore tablets, driclor etc as you will most likely have a long time between appointments.

I hope it works out for you!

My topic further down the page "My experience and recommendations over axillary hyperhidrosis" might be of some use.