Do you blush at night?


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Do you blushers go red at night, like outside in the dark? Do you go red at very poorly lit places where you know your redness won't be seen? Probably not. The reason is because you know your redness won't be seen so you have confidence, and can talk and act like everyone else.

This is why I believe its 90% a mental/anxiety problem and only 10% a dietary problem or solution. I do believe increased magnesium, calcium and other relaxing minerals and herbs will help in part, and also removing caffeine, but thats still only a 10% fix. The other 90% of the problem is yourself.

You probably have fair skin, average to low self esteem, had bad problems or experiences/stresses in the past, think too much about blushing and you're a worrier. You may be quiet, and shy too.

I don't yet have the answers but if you can stress less about blushing and problems in general, and try to never dwell on blushing ever, then you should gradually get better just like you gradually got worse at some point.
Improve your overall health and diet which will improve your physical and mental health, wellbeing, self esteem and help your body run as it should.

Also you should start posting more in this blushing forum. We are not helping ouselves by the once in a blue moon reply.

Good luck. :cool: