Discussion with a sociopath


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Hi weirdo, i don't know what is interesting about a sociopath or a psychopath.

Demigawd: 'I dont feel joy.'

This summs up the world of a 'sociopath' or 'psychopath'.
it's so sad to talk about sociopaths and/or psychopaths (to me at least)

In so many ways you guys with your anxiety are having a better life that someone whose hearth has closed because of the ammount of pain.

In one of my threads i explain what shyness is.

I'm not 'happy' (most people aren't, and to be honest sometimes i wish i could've stayed in this site and having my anxiety, instead of the depression that followed myself quiting marijuana), but is better to be sad and happy (depending on the day, minute, etc) than feel nothing.

'hardening up' it's not the way to overcome low self esteem.

I hope i'm not a 'psychopath', it's true though, that i am jaded (AND maybe I died five years ago).

Much luck to all of you, remember as long as you still type a LOL every now and then...you're still alive. (this phrase is funny though).

Anyways, i don't find sociopaths or psychopaths interesting, i find JOY interesting.

Hope you're ok Weirdo.
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Thanks for your concern, but I'm fine ^^ I just enjoy philosophical discussions about society :) And gj on getting to page 5, even though you just skimmed through it :)