Did I need therapy as a kid?

This is a really touchy subject...

I always had OCD. When I was in grade 5, I was obsessed with fictional characters. My compulsion was to act like those fictional characters, because otherwise, I would be "inadequate". This kind of screwed up my social interactions with others, and ruined my family life.

I was always oversensitive as a kid. Maybe it was because of my OCD. Maybe it was because of my Tourette's. Maybe it was because of my bed wetting. I couldn't take jokes or constructive criticism very well. I was like this starting from around 5 years of age, and to this day I still have problems taking jokes. I've come a LONG way though.

My family treated me like any non-oversensitive, non-OCD or Tourette's kid. My brother routinely made jokes that upset me, and gave me criticism that upset me. My mother was nice, but sometimes too strict. My dad was the only normal person in my family.

Was the fact that I grew up in a "normal" home without anybody addressing my needs detrimental? Did I need therapy when I was younger?